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Birth rates are falling even in Nordic countries: stability is no longer enough

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Fertility declines across the European Union, with the South lagging behind. Birth rates in northern countries also show signs of decline as the causes become more structural and unrelated to wealth and stability. What's going on? A data-story.

Mapping Diversity – Full dataset release

By |August 24th, 2023|Tags: |

Today we are releasing the full dataset behind Mapping Diversity, our investigation into the street names of cities across Europe, focusing on the individuals who get celebrated through them. In this project, we mapped dozens of thousands of street names by bringing together data from OpensStreetMap and Wikidata. We automatically filtered and categorized street names, and then manually checked the records line-by-line in order to ensure accuracy. We started with 30 cities in 17 countries, with the aim of expanding the dataset over time, as we are currently doing. Today's release already includes 6 more cities that we have

A Czech national forest park is reviving after a devastating fire

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On the first anniversary of the fire in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, a reporter and photographer from Deník Referendum spent a day there in the company of local experts Dana Vébrová and Jakub Hruška. What they saw contradicts much conventional wisdom.