​​Big Tobacco lobbying: EU Ombudsman takes on industry practices

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Only a few days remain for the European Commission to address the tobacco lobby-related concerns recently raised by the EU Ombudsman in her recent preliminary findings. The industry is heavily represented in Brussels, but there is not sufficient transparency on its interactions with policy-makers.

Drug scarcities: why medicines are still in short supply

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Over the past 20 years, Europe has seen a 20-fold increase in drug shortages. Governments have used the Ukraine war and the energy crisis to obscure other – mostly structural – causes. This Europe-wide investigation reveals a range of explanations for Europe’s missing medicines.

Is it possible to have a European generation of non-smokers?

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The European Commission recently registered a European Citizens’ Initiative, that, among other measures, would prohibit any European citizen born after 2010 from buying cigarettes. The idea intends to phase out legal smoking, but according to statistics, it would cause significant issues in some member states, since young people apparently like to smoke.