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The gender gap in Europe’s street names is here to stay

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In 30 of Europe's biggest cities, streets named after women make up only 9 per cent of the streets dedicated to individuals. The imbalance has started to narrow in some places, but progress is too slow: at this rate, it would take centuries to really close the gap.

None of the European cities that lowered the speed limit to 30 km/h regrets it

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It reduces accidents, makes transports safer and gets people using public transport and cycling, thus improving air quality and reducing noise pollution. The introduction of a 30 km/h speed limit has so far worked in all the cities concerned. Let's take a closer look.

Working poverty is still a problem in Europe

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Poverty among people who work is a widespread phenomenon in Europe, and it has remained nearly stable over the last 10 years. High work-intensity households are not spared, while younger people are often hit the hardest. Approximately 9 percent of working people in the EU live below the poverty line.