Europe 1C warmer

Cities slow to respond to challenges posed by climate change

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An update on the temperature data from 558 cities and their surroundings in Europe shows that 2018 was the warmest year since 1900 in 203 cities. Local response to the climate breakdown varies widely, according to a survey of a 61 local authorities in six countries by the European Data Journalism Network.

Floods in Slovenia: millions of euros worth of damage, for which we are mostly guilty

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Hydrogeological disasters in Slovenia account for over 150 million euros of damage a year. And they are often worsened by human interventions. Especially because the country has tolerated construction in flood-prone areas for several decades.

Croatian cities don’t care for climate change

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In July 2018 European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet), a consortium of media from all over Europe, among which H-Alter, started a survey among 505 European cities about local responses to temperature changes. The results of the survey are used to explore how cities respond to temperature increases, and they also give an insight to general attitude towards climate change.