Published On: December 22nd, 2019

The Global Coal Exit List

The Global Coal Exit List aims to capture the world’s coal industry as a whole and serves as an information source and a divestment tool for the finance sector.
The Global Coal Exit List aims to inform investors who intend to move their portfolios away from coal companies. It is also a useful tool for the general public, journalists, academics, NGOs and analysts.
The 2019 Global Coal Exit List allows the user to visualize and download data about around 2,300 companies (parents and subsidiaries) and provides key information on these companies’ coal share of revenue (CSR), coal share of power production (CSPP), installed coal-fired capacity and annual coal production.

It also identifies which companies are planning an expansion of coal mining or coal power activities or are developing other coal infrastructure. The databases rely on public data provided by the companies themselves.

Most of the information in the GCEL is extracted from companies’ reporting documents, investor presentations and their websites. Other important sources are publications by government agencies and stock exchanges.

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