Published On: April 3rd, 2018

The EU Integrity Watch

Integrity Watch, implemented by Transparency International, is designed to increase the chances for citizens, journalists and civil society to monitor the integrity of decisions made by politicians in the EU. The platform harmonizes and makes easily available data about lobbying activities in the EU, allowing citizens to search, rank and filter the information in an intuitive way.

The technology behind the platform (D3.js) was developed by the New York Times in order to make complex datasets accessible to a wider audience. All datasets are also available for download as this platform strongly supports the principles of open software and open data.

The website currently contains three main datasets, updated on a regular basis, on: members of the European Parliament (MEPs), their outside activities and incomes; records of lobby meetings at the European Commission, based on the EU Transparency Register; data on post-mandate employment of former Members of the European Parliament and Commissioners.