Published On: April 9th, 2018

Mapping media literacy practices and activities in the EU

For the first time this year, the European Audiovisual Observatory – with funding from the European Commission – is publishing a study to map media literacy initiatives at national or regional level in the EU, namely “the technical, cognitive, social, civic and creative capacities that enable every citizen to access, critically think about and interact with the media”.

The study does not aim to cover all initiatives in this field, but presents a detailed analysis of the main trends based on 547 projects involving 939 stakeholders across the EU. It assesses, by country, the number of actors involved in these approaches (journalists’ associations, online platforms, civil society, etc.), the types of projects implemented (payment of aid, campaigns, research assistance, etc.) and the skills targeted by the different projects (development of critical thinking, creativity and participation). In addition to these national comparisons, more detailed case studies are proposed for a quarter of the projects monitored.