Published On: April 29th, 2018

Human Rights Data and Dataviz

HRMI beta release is the first piece of what will be a set of robust, comprehensive data on human rights. HRMI has recently completed a pilot (in 13 diverse countries ) of a new methodology for capturing information on civil and political human rights through an expert survey. HRMI also has measures of progress on five economic and social rights (rights to education, health, food, housing, and work) for more than 120 countries. “We are creating the world’s first go-to source of comprehensive, country-level human rights data, drawing on the expertise of specialists who have been working in this field for decades,” said Anne-Marie Brook, the co-founder of HRMI adding that “For human rights to improve, they need to be measured.”

European countries are included in the measurement by HRMI, mostly with a focus on economic and social rights.

The initial suite of metrics has been launched on a new interactive data visualisation website. Everything HMRI produces is freely and openly available online under a Creative Commons Attribution copyright licence.