Published On: September 13th, 2019

Ethnonationalism in party competition (EPAC)

Datasets in the field of ethnic politics often treat ethnic groups as unitary actors and do not differentiate between the positions of the organisations representing these groups. 

Datasets in the field of party politics measure the positions of political parties, yet mostly do not convincingly conceptualise an ethnonational (also called centre-periphery or territorial) dimension of competition. 

To close this gap, Edina Szöcsik and Christina Isabel Zuber conducted the EPAC expert survey on ethnonationalism in party competition. In 2011, they covered 210 political parties in 22 multinational European democracies, in 2017 they covered 222 parties in the same 22 countries.

The data is available upon request, the documentation that explains the data is provided. If used, the first publication and/or its second edition should be quoted.