Published On: October 25th, 2019

Broadband services in Europe

The project “Mapping Study: Mapping of fixed and mobile Broadband Services in Europe ” started with the objective to develop the first interactive mapping platform showing the quality of internet delivered by broadband networks across Europe. The European Commission has developed this online platform in order to monitor the progress made in the deployment of high capacity networks.

The information is derived via theoretical calculations and measurements. The project has developed three data categories: “Calculated availability of service”, “Measured provision of service”, and “Measured experience of service”.

The project builds on existing mapping initiatives. The data is provided on a voluntary basis by member states’ public authorities as well as from operators of private mapping initiatives and operators of crowdsourcing applications.

The aim of the application is to visualize data according to different parameters on a European scale. The data is visualized in an interactive map and more detailed data is available upon registration.