Published On: October 25th, 2019

Accessibility to cities

During the last few decades, advances in electronic and online communications have transformed social services that historically have been out-of-reach for more remote populations. Nevertheless, such gains cannot fully offset the disadvantages posed by persistent inequalities.

Accessibility to cities ” quantified and validated the global accessibility to high-density urban centres at a resolution of 1×1 kilometre for 2015, as measured by travel time.

Shorter travel times to population centres in low- to middle-income countries is strongly associated with socioeconomic and health indicators, highlighting the vital role of accessibility in the pursuit of sustainable development worldwide. Beyond the socioeconomic and health domains, this work could be used to inform environmental and conservation efforts to balance infrastructure demands with ecosystem preservation.

The data is beautifully visualized in interactive maps , and is also downloadable. The project’s website offers as well code examples, in JS and R.