National Recovery and Resilience Plans and the green transition



National Recovery and Resilience Plans pose a great opportunity for development in southern and eastern Europe. Two and a half years before these plans come to an end, Openpolis together with three other partners of the European Data Journalism Network have analysed the the progress of 11 countries in allocating the funds, specifically in terms of the green transition. This project consists of one general study and 4 studies of individual countries. The findings provide a clearer picture of how EU funds are being used and allocated to powering the green transition in Europe.

Main findings:

  • All 11 of countries analysed meet the 37% quote of NRRP funds to be devoted to the ecological transition, some even exceed it.
  • Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Hungary devoted the highest share of funds to renewable energy development, and Croatia, Spain Portugal and Slovakia to energy efficiency.
  • Italy and Croatia have met a quarter of the NRRP deadlines for green transition, while Hungary has yet to meet any.
  • Italy has received 15 billion for the green transition and REPowerEU, Poland and Spain have received less than half of that number.
  • The European institutions have defined a set of common indicators for each of the pillars of the NRRP, including green transition. However, of the 11 countries considered, Hungary and Bulgaria do not report any data for any of the four common ecological transition indicators.


The data unit

Martina Zaghi (Openpolis, coordinator). After three-years experience at EuVisions as a social media analyst, she has been working as a data journalist in the Openpolis newsroom since March 2019.

EDJNet members which took part in this investigation: