Mapping Diversity – Full dataset release

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Today we are releasing the full dataset behind Mapping Diversity, our investigation into the street names of cities across Europe, focusing on the individuals who get celebrated through them. In this project, we mapped dozens of thousands of street names by bringing together data from OpensStreetMap and Wikidata. We automatically filtered and categorized street names, and then manually checked the records line-by-line in order to ensure accuracy. We started with 30 cities in 17 countries, with the aim of expanding the dataset over time, as we are currently doing. Today's release already includes 6 more cities that we have

How to access EDJNet’s fund for associate members

By |April 16th, 2023|

In the framework of the EDJNet 4 project co-funded by the European Commission, EDJNet can offer some financial support to media outlets interested in producing or adapting data-driven content on European affairs. Such support is delivered through EDJNet's 'Engagement Fund for Associate Members', which amounts to €30,000 for the period running from April 2023 to the end of March 2025. The Fund is only meant at supporting associate members of the network, therefore its core members are not eligible. Any media outlet based in Europe and interested in covering European affairs from a data-driven perspective can, in principle, access

The data you need to win the Olympics if you go NUTS

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What if the Olympic medal table was based on the number of medals won by regions, not by countries? When everybody’s moved by the contagious joy of two athletes making history by agreeing to share an Olympic gold medal, the data analyst thinks: “two gold medals for the same competition? is this going to break my dashboard?” “Can we have two gold? ?” “Let’s make history, man”#GOLD #Tokyo2020 — Giuseppe Famà (@FamaNelMondo) August 1, 2021 In my case, I was worried it would break my parsing script. Fortunately, it didn’t, so after a quick check I could share their joy with