Only media organisations can join the European Data Journalism Network, as we do not offer membership options to individuals for the time being. EDJNet members must be based in Europe and be keen on data journalism; all the existing members of the network must agree on the entry of a new member.

On top of the opportunities and resources that EDJNet offers to any newsroom across Europe, its members:

  • take part in the network’s editorial activity by suggesting topics and angles for new investigations and stories
  • can ask for partners’ collaboration on a story on which they are working
  • join EDJNet’s Slack channels and take part in joint monthly meetings with the other members
  • receive early information on ongoing investigations and stories within the network, so they can join in or set up collaborations
  • enjoy full access to all the datasets used for the stories produced by the network
  • can ask for free translation of the produced materials that they would like to reuse

All members enjoy full editorial independence and do not have to commit to contribute to a given collaborative investigation, nor to syndicate or disseminate content produced by other members. Membership in the network comes for free, and some financial support to members can actually be envisaged thanks to the grants awarded to EDJNet.

Based on their type of involvement in the grants supporting EDJNet’s activities, members either result core members (a status entailing specific commitments, deadlines, and budget share) or associate members (a ‘lighter’ form of involvement, mostly centered on editorial collaboration). Core members sign grant agreements, while associate members sign an association agreement with the network’s coordinator.

If you would like to join EDJNet, or simply receive more information, you can get in touch with or with the network’s coordinators, Lorenzo Ferrari and Chiara Sighele.


Beside formal members, EDJNet has an increasing number of publishing partnerships and other collaborations in place. We have been collaborating with Arena for Journalism in Europe, the Global Editors Network, the Sigma Awards, the European Data News Hub, the Ethical Journalism Network, and the European Journalism Centre, and so on. We were or are also part in the European Horizon2020 projects PANELFIT, MATILDE, and FIRE-RES, where we have been collaborating with research institutes, practitioners, and other subjects.

EDJNet can count on a growing number of publishing partners, i.e. media organisations which are not part of the network but which enjoy a particularly close relationship with EDJNet. For instance, we share some content previews with such partners or reach out to them for specific collaboration proposals.