Stats Monitor

What kind of data are in here?

The Stats Monitor makes use of Eurostat data. It currently covers 14 different topics, but we are gradually expanding the range of datasets.

What does the Stats Monitor offer?

The Stats Monitor makes it easier for journalists to track and use newly released data from Eurostat. In short:

  • the Stats Monitor offers ready-made visualizations of the Eurostat data, which are constantly updated. They can be easily adapted to fit the journalist’s needs
  • the Stats Monitor analyzes the new data in order to spot interesting trends and outliers, so as to help journalists to find newsworthy material in them. (Note: this service covers a subset of datasets).

How can you access the Stats Monitor outputs?

At any moment, any user can consult the latest data visualizations and newsleads.

Timeliness is part of the added value of the Stats Monitor: in order to take advantage of it, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds. You can also opt to receive the newsleads of interest to you directly in your inbox:

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How can you build on the Stats Monitor outputs?

  • Data visualizations are easy to adapt in terms of time interval, countries, and other variables. It is easy to shift from one form of visualization to another as well as to change the color palette. On top of that, charts are automatically translated in 10 different languages.
  • The datasets can directly be downloaded in different formats.

Video tutorial

In case you need help to get the most out of the Stats Monitor, you can get in touch with our Help Desk service at any time.

Who is behind the Stats Monitor?

The Stats Monitor is powered by the news services Newsworthy, developed by Journalism++, and LocalFocus. The tool is available in beta version since November 2017: any remark and feedback is very welcome.

Stats Monitor news

The number of asylum applicants to the European Union is declining

Thursday 05 September 2019 | Newsworthy

New data from Eurostat shows a declining trend in asylum seekers in the European Union.

The confidence of retail businesses is decreasing in Cyprus while increasing in the EU

Saturday 29 September 2018 | Newsworthy

In September the confidence of retail businesses in Cyprus decreased considerably compared to the same month last year. 

The confidence of construction businesses is decreasing in Malta while increasing in the EU

Saturday 29 September 2018 | Newsworthy

In September the confidence of construction businesses in Malta decreased significantly compared to the same month last year.

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