Stats Monitor

Stats Monitor is a unique service that gives you newsleads based on data from Eurostat, signaling interesting trends, changes and outliers. With Stats Monitor you are also able to visualize your stories and embed charts directly on your own website. The goal is to make it easy to do journalism with data.

Stats Monitor is powered by the news services Newsworthy , developed by J++ in Stockholm, and LocalFocus , based in Amsterdam. A beta version of the service is available since November 2017; during 2018 we will gradually add new datasets to it.

You can use Statsmonitor in two ways:

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Stats Monitor news

Germany dominates EU trade

Tuesday 06 February 2018 | VoxEurop

The EU’s international trade is pretty stable lately, and growing slightly, with Germany towering over its fellow EU members.

Inflation is (finally) back

Monday 05 February 2018 | VoxEurop

According to the latest data from Eurostat, 2017 was marked by an abrupt rise in inflation throughout the EU.

Things are moving along steadily, except for Denmark

Friday 02 February 2018 |

According to the latest data provided by Eurostat, Europe has been experiencing a period of stability and relative economic growth since the end of 2016: +0.7% in the second and third quarters of 2017 for eurozone and EU countries.