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Data news Hundreds of data-driven stories and large investigations on European issues, including plenty of charts and maps. Stories are published in up to 11 languages
Data reports
Original sets of data on European issues created for our investigations, that can freely be accessed and downloaded

The default license for our content is CC BY 4.0 . This means that you are free to share, transform, and build upon our materials for any purpose, as long as you credit EDJNet and the producing partner of the content that you are reusing (e.g. “Der Spiegel/EDJNet”) and you include a link to EDJNet’s website. More information can be found here




Stats Monitor
Ready-made dataviz and newsleads based on the latest data by Eurostat and other sources, highlighting trends and outliers in a number of economic, social, and political fields
Quote Finder
A tool to easily explore the EU debate: the tool makes it possible to browse MEPs' activity on Twitter, to check what EU institutions are talking about in their official statements, and to follow trending topics in hundreds of European media
Other tools
  • Data Search Engine A getaway through open data produced by the EU and government institutions around Europe
  • Search4EU A new instance of the Aleph framework, consisting in a Memorious crawling framework and an Aleph indexing framework
  • Ganttrify! An interface that facilitates the creation of Gantt charts for project management and grant applications (presentation )
  • An interface for associating latitude/longitude coordinates with administrative units (presentation )


Useful data
The internet is full of valuable databases and datasets, but it is not always clear how to find them. We have been listing some of the most interesting ones from an European perspective, dividing them by themes
InfringEye is a tool tracking EU infringement procedures against member states, making it easier to filter them by country, status and topic
Our pick
A collection of stories, apps and tools related to data journalism and European affairs, which were developed outside EDJNet – but we find they're worth a check 

Templates and tutorials

How we did it 

We use our publication on Medium to explain some of the choices we made in the development of our investigations, and to share some of the techniques we used



If you are working on a story on European issues and you need assistance on gathering and analyzing data, or on the best way to visualize it you can contact our Help Desk

Our members are also available for works on commission, including data analyses, visualizations, and translations into most European languages. B2B services are a growing component of EDJNet's activity, you can get in touch to discuss them more in detail. EDJNet can also act as a media partner for initiatives in the fields of data journalism and European affairs. 


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