Preventive detention in Europe

Data on the people imprisoned in pre-trial detention for EU member states.


We’ve extracted the data from tables 8 and 24 from the SPACE I 2021 report produced by the Council of Europe. Using the total number of inmates, and the number in preventive detention, as well as the number of suicides among pre-trial and general inmates, we could calculate the suicide rates per 10,000 inmates. For context, we add also the national suicide rate, sourced from Eurostat. We use the category “not serving a final sentence” in the SPACES I report because in most European countries the legal status is the same and many do not break down their data between other categories. This category includes both people who have not yet had any trial (the majority) and those who have appealed their conviction and are awaiting a final ruling.

Type: CSV

Time range: 2021

Source: Civio

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