EU Cohesion datasets

These are the datasets that OBC Transeuropa produced within the Work4Future project to support its journalistic production.
The 6 datasets revolve around the EU Cohesion policy funds and areas, as well as variables relevant to the policies itself.

The datasets are:

  • Aggregated Beneficiaries: the dataset shows the amount of EU funding that different beneficiaries were awarded to by the EU commission, how many projects they worked on, and the countries where they were active;
  • Energy Projects: the dataset shows the renewable energy installations that were supported by the EU Cohesion policy, with data about the specific energy time as well as geographical coordinates of the projects;
  • EU Funds Renewables: the dataset shows the amount of funds devoted to the development of renewable energy across EU member states;
  • INTERREG Projects and Beneficiaries: the dataset shows the INTERREG projects funded by the EU with details about the beneficiaries of these projects, the policy areas, and the EU regions in which the projects have been activated;
  • ICT Broadband: the dataset shows the projects that had the objective to develop the ICT connection in European Member States;
  • Europe Internet Variation: this dataset shows the variation of average internet speed in European countries.


The datasets have been produced by analysing the open data made available by the EU commission. The only exception is the dataset on internet speed variations that has been produced by analysing Ookla open data.

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Last updated on: 29/09/2023