Voxeurop is a multilingual news website aimed at European audiences and the first European press cooperative society. Born in 2014, it publishes cross-border stories, analyses and investigations on climate change, migrations, democracy and social issues. Voxeurop produces original content from its continental network of journalists and correspondents, as well as translations from over 400 European media sources.

Alternatives Economiques

Keynesian, critical of neoliberalism and sympathetic to anti-globalisation causes, Alter éco was founded in 1980 in response Margaret Thatcher's slogan "There is no alternative". Formed on cooperative principles, the monthly focuses on economic and social news and is not backed by any media group, surviving mainly on sales revenues.

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OBC Transeuropa

Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa is a think tank focused on South-East Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus which was launched in the year 2000. Over time, OBC Transeuropa expanded its scope and now reports on the socio-political and cultural developments of six EU member states, of seven countries taking part in the EU Enlargement process, and much of post-communist Europe, which is included in the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).