Ouest-France is a daily French newspaper known for its emphasis on both local and national news. The paper is produced in 47 different editions covering events in different French North-Western départments. With 2.5 million daily readers (and a circulation of almost 800 000 units), it is by far the most read french-speaking newspaper in the world.


H-Alter is an independent and multi-awarded Croatian online media. It has been promoting civil society organisations, civic engagement and participation. H-Alter has an average of 70,000 monthly visitors. It scores more than 18,600 Facebook fans and 2,900 Twitter followers.

El Confidencial

El Confidencial is an online Spanish newspaper founded in 2001. It's a generalist information service, with also a focus on economics, finance and political affairs. Moderately conservative, its readership is mostly urban and professional. El Confidencial has an average of 9,5 million monthly visitors. It scores more than 720,000 Facebook fans and 580,000 Twitter followers.

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NRC Handelsblad

This national evening paper published in Amsterdam was the outcome of a merger in 1970 between the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant (est. 1844) and Algemeen Handelsblad (est. 1828). NRC Handelsblad ranks fourth in circulation among Dutch dailies and is undeniably the paper of record among the nation’s intelligentsia. It is liberal by tradition, rigorous by choice, and well informed across the board. It is known for its in-depth reporting and the high calibre of its foreign correspondents. 2006 saw the birth of the daily NRC Next, a tabloid-format edition targeting 20–35-year-olds with more cursory coverage of breaking news. NRC Handelsblad was the first Dutch national daily to launch an online edition , back in 1995.


Internazionale is an Italian weekly magazine founded in Rome in 1993. It has built a reputation as a magazine of reference in a country where international news is often neglected. Along with a selection of "the best articles in the international press", the magazine regularly publishes articles and opinions from globally known writers and intellectuals. Internazionale has an average of 3 million monthly visitors. It scores more than a million Facebook fans and as many Twitter followers.


Askanews is an Italian news agency publishing everyday news and multimedia for other media outlets. It has two newsrooms, in Rome and Milan, and counts on more than one hundred journalists. Askanews widely distributes its contents through a well-established network of national as well as international media outlets and cooperates with partner news agencies abroad, such as Agence France-Press and the Russian agency RIA Novosti. Askanews relies on a network of correspondents based in different countries, including in Brussels, New York and Mosca. AskaNews has an average of 2.000.000 monthly visitors.


J++ is an international team of data journalism experts, with offices in Stockholm and Porto. In the team are specialists in research, data analysis, datadriven storytelling, newsroom programming, graphical design and more.


BIQdata is the website run by the data team of Gazeta Wyborcza, the biggest quality daily in Poland, since the 22nd of September, 2014. The first data team in Polish legacy media it comes up with stories on various topics - politics, business, health, education, culture and science. The calibre of BIQdata’s work varies significantly, from investigations to light-hearted pieces. BIQdata is digital native product but some of its stories appear in the printed edition of Gazeta Wyborcza.

Pod črto

The Pod črto project (in Eng., ‘The Bottom Line’) is Slovenian independent and non-profit media outlet focusing on investigative reporting, data journalism and in-depth stories. We founded Pod črto in September 2014. The team behind the project believes in the power of investigative stories and the importance of journalism in the public interest.


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