Addendum is a non-profit media and research company based in Vienna, Austria. It searches for “the missing piece”, by publishing intensive research projects carried out by investigative journalists, experts from various different fields and TV programme makers. Addendum operates independently and with the goal of contributing towards restoring a common factual basis for qualified political debate.


Independent economic magazine that publishes investigations, reports, interviews and insights on the economic system and its implications. A wide space is dedicated to the so-called "solidarity economy" and those business activities that respect rights, environment and income.


Since its launch in 1993 Capital, which started out as a business weekly, has grown to reach a wider audience. Today it is one of Bulgaria's best respected general news sources, and particularly noted for the high quality of its investigative reports which have won a number of awards. It belongs to the independent press group Economedia, which also owns the daily Dnevnik and the Bulgarian language edition of Foreign Policy.


Newsworthy is a news service that finds newsleads in large amounts of statistical data. A completely new way of doing journalism. It can be news about reported crime, property prices, unemployment or company liquidations.


Público was launched in March 1990, rapidly gaining a large audience in Portugal thanks to its fresh and original traits. Taking inspiration from the main European newspapers, the daily provides an accurate coverage of national and international news

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MobileReporter is a collaborative investigative journalism platform focused on environmental issues run by Italian environment and data journalist Stefano Valentino.


Ouest-France is a daily French newspaper known for its emphasis on both local and national news. The paper is produced in 47 different editions covering events in different French North-Western départments. With 2.5 million daily readers (and a circulation of almost 800 000 units), it is by far the most read french-speaking newspaper in the world.


H-Alter is an independent and multi-awarded Croatian online media. It has been promoting civil society organisations, civic engagement and participation. H-Alter has an average of 70,000 monthly visitors. It scores more than 18,600 Facebook fans and 2,900 Twitter followers.