Fazıla Mat

Editor and Researcher at Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT)

Twitter: fazila mat

Eric Maurice

Eric Maurice (b. 1972) is a French journalist. A former Europe editor at Courrier international, he was the editor-in-chief of before holding this position at EUobserver.

Alberto Burba

Alberto Burba is an Italian freelance journalist based in Brussels. He is on Twitter as @AlbertoBurba .

Sergio Cebrián

Sergio Cebrián (b. 1968) is a Spanish journalist. He is the managing editor of VoxEurop and deputy executive officer and co-founder of VoxEurop European Co-operative Society.

Xavier Molénat

Journaliste at Alternatives Economiques , previously Sciences Humaines. News in the prism of the social sciences, and vice versa.

Twitter: @xmolenat

Patrick Stotz

Patrick Stotz is a German data journalist within Spiegel Online. He is specialised in data visualisation and maps. Twitter: Patrick Stotz

Marcel Pauly

Marcel Pauly is a German data journalist. A Henri Nannen Journalism School and Columbia Journalism School fellow, he has been part of the investigative team of Germany’s major daily Die Welt before joining Spiegel Online. Twitter: Marcel Pauly

Marie Segger

Marie Segger is a data journalist within Spiegel Online. A former Trinity Mirror and Huffington Post Germany intern, she is specialised in European politics.

Twitter: @MarieSegger