Samuel Silva

Samuel Silva is a Portuguese journalist. He works at Público daily.

Damiano Bacci

Damiano Bacci è un data journalist italiano. Collabora tra l'altro con lo European Data Journalism Network e con VoxEurop, e sviluppa i suoi propri progetti.

Paola Tamma

Paola Tamma is a reporter covering environmental issues at Politico. She previously worked for the Brussels-based media Euractiv, and spent some time at The New Arab, the Guardian data team and was the London correspondent for the Italian Radio Popolare. She holds a master in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh and Sciences Po Paris, and graduated in investigative journalism from City University of London in 2017.

Valentina Vivona

Valentina Vivona è ricercatrice all'interno di Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT). Si occupa di affari europei, libertà d'informazione, social e comunicazione audiovisiva

Nikolaj Nielsen

Nikolaj Nielsen is a Danish-American journalist and editor based in Brussels. He contributes to, among others, EUobserver.

Laurent Jeanneau

Laurent Jeanneau is a French journalist. He is in charge of the "social and work" pages in the monthly Alternatives économiques. He is also the co-author of Les Nouveaux militants (The New Militants) and Emploiscopie .

Claire Alet

Claire Alet est rédactrice en chef adjointe à Alternatives économiques, responsable de la rubrique France. Spécialiste des sujets d'éco-consommation, de Responsabilité sociale des entreprises et lobbying en tous genres, elle a intégré la rédaction d’Alternatives Economiques en 2001. Elle s’intéresse aussi à la question des inégalités entre les femmes et les hommes.