Antonio Villarreal

Antonio Villarreal is a Spanish science journalist based in Madrid. He collaborates with El Confidencial and he published stories on El Español, ABC, El Correo, Público, El Mundo, EFE, El Periódico, SINC, Science Editor, FronteraD and Jot Down. Thanks to a Fulbright grant, he spent two years in the United States to specialize in science and technology journalism.

His portfolio is online at .

Nicolas Kayser-Bril

Nicolas Kayser-Bril è uno informatico, data journalist e formatore franco-tedesco freelance. Ha cofondato e diretto Journalism++ dal 2011 al 2017, dopo aver diretto la sezione di data journalism di Owni.

Paula Baciu

Paula Baciu is a Romanian freelance writer and journalist. A graduate from the University College in London, she regularly contributes to several publications, such as The New European.

Danuta Pawłowska

Head of the report team and editor at BIQdata.

Samuel Silva

Samuel Silva is a Portuguese journalist. He works at Público daily.

Damiano Bacci

Damiano Bacci è un data journalist italiano. Collabora tra l'altro con lo European Data Journalism Network e con VoxEurop, e sviluppa i suoi propri progetti.