Autres projets

EDJNet collaborates with other parties that deal with a variety of topics, provided they're consistent with the spirit of the project. The aim is to extend the network beyond its formal members, and enrich the way we deal with the European issues. In this section you will find information on ongoing projects, together with the materials produced within these collaborations.

As part of the PANELFIT project, a number of European organisations are working together so that the opportunities offered by technological innovation can be enjoyed without compromising the security and fundamental rights of citizens. Data protection, consent to the use of personal data, the use of data for commercial or surveillance purposes: these are just a few of the emerging problems. EDJNet is participating in the PANELFIT project in order to raise the level of discussion around these themes in the media. Read more

EDJNet is very sensitive to climate crisis issues, as they are an object of concern for the European society. An effective coverage of these issues requires to combine traditional reporting with quantitative analyses which are the core business of data journalism. This is the reason why OBCT/EDJNet is part of the "In Marcia con il Clima" project. Coordinated by Oxfam Italy, the project aims at providing support and resources to the youth who has been activating against climate change and in favour of the environment since 2018. Read more