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Bőr alapú részrehajlás az Instagramon  Large investigation

2020. június 17. szerda | Nicolas Kayser-Bril
Judith Duportail
Kira Schacht
Édouard Richard
| Algorithm Watch

Egy exkluzív kutatás készítői szerint az Instagram a hiányos öltözetű férfiak és nők képeit előrébb sorolja és ezzel befolyásolja a tartalomkészítők viselkedését, valamint 140 millió európai világnézetét - ez továbbra is az EU-s szabályozás vakfoltja marad. 

Not just apps: privacy, personal data and COVID-19 in the western Balkans 

2020. május 18. hétfő | Federico Caruso
| OBC Transeuropa

The measures adopted by some Balkan countries to contain the pandemic have raised perplexity in associations and researchers who deal with privacy and digital rights. Emergency actions, derogating from the national rules of law, could translate into mass surveillance tools.

Copyright reform: the forthcoming EU directive we'll all be worrying about in a few years time

2018. június 13. szerda | Giorgio Comai
| OBC Transeuropa

On June 20, the Legal Affairs committee of the European Parliament will vote on a proposed directive for Copyright reform. Sounds obscure? It is actually a hotly debated topic: the new directive may well shape how the internet will look like in a few years, among other things changing how linking and uploading of contents works.

Public enterprises will have to open up their data

2019. február 01. péntek | Gina Pavone
| OBC Transeuropa

New European legislation will significantly increase the accessibility of data produced with public finances: therefore, data produced by public enterprises, i.e. companies which provide essential services such as public transport to many cities.

Dark patterns: born to mislead  in depth

2019. november 13. szerda | Federico Caruso
| OBC Transeuropa

Digital platforms often trick users into giving up their personal data or buying particular products. These “dark patterns” go against European legislation, but authorities are struggling to combat them.