UK 2019 elections: the importance of being earnestly tactical

This week, almost three and a half years after the EU referendum, UK voters are called to the ballot boxes to renew the Parliament and, therefore, define the ultimate destiny of the Brexit saga. Tactical voting might well make the difference. 

What this work is about

In The Guardian , Peter Kellner, a polling expert and former President of YouGov, explains that, on the 12th of December, “Conservatives are on course for an overall majority in parliament”, yet, paradoxically, “most voters will back parties that want to block an early Brexit”. To transform the pro-brexit Conservative majority into a remainer one, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru supporters would need to vote tactically for each other’s candidates, depending on which one has a better chance to defeat the Tory counterpart in a given constituency. 

Why we like it 

An infographic map shows how anti-Brexit voters leaning to any of the former mentioned parties, would need, on average, to vote SNP in Scotland, Labour in Northern England, and a mix of Lib-Dem and Labour in Southern England. Interestingly, in the London area seats of Beaconsfield and South West Hertfordshire, voters who don’t want the UK to leave the EU on Johnson’s terms would need to back two independent candidates. 

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09 diciembre 2019


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