Social Europe: finally some progress 

Tuesday 30 April 2019 | Sandrine Foulon
| Alternatives Economiques

While social Europe may have finally woken from its slumber, progress hasn’t come easy. 

Immigration: Every man for himself, and borders for all 

Tuesday 30 April 2019 | Yann Mens
| Alternatives Economiques

Europe facing the refugee crisis. 

Europe needs a bigger, more inclusive Erasmus programme  in depth

Friday 05 April 2019 | Jacopo Ottaviani
| Internazionale

Every year, tens of thousands of European citizens decide to avail of the Erasmus programme: students, lecturers, researchers, artists, athletes, volunteers and other citizens book their flights, pack their bags and leave for other countries, with grants supporting European mobility.

Are speed cameras saving lives, and are old cars dangerous?  

Wednesday 10 April 2019 | Laszlo Arato
| EUrologus

The number of fatal accidents in the European Union is steadily decreasing, with the exception of Malta. However, the data shows a high degree of variation: while in Romania, 98 victims die on roads for every million inhabitants, in Sweden, that rate is only 25.

Europe might fall short of its poverty eradication target for 2020 

Wednesday 17 April 2019 | Kashyap Raibagi
| VoxEurop

The European Union will probably not achieve its ‘poverty and social exclusion’ target, which is a part of the Europe 2020 strategy.

UK and Germany lead EU’s think tank ranking  in depth

Tuesday 16 April 2019 | Alexander Damiano Ricci
| VoxEurop

According to the latest Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, the United Kingdom is the country with the most influential think tanks, followed by Germany, France and Italy.

Measles, journalism and herd immunity 

Thursday 11 April 2019 | Davide Sighele
| OBC Transeuropa

From Serbia to Spain – by way of Italy – vaccination has become a subject of heated debate. Given the complexity of the issue, however, the debate is only harmed by distorted, overly simplistic use of data.

How gender balanced will the next European Parliament be? 

Tuesday 26 March 2019 | Gina Pavone
| OBC Transeuropa

Will parties run enough women, and will they be placed in electable positions on electoral lists? Besides electoral systems, determination and concrete action are required to incentivise female representation. Let’s take a look at where we are now, with the numbers in hand.

Europe needs to focus on tax harmonisation to curb inequality  in depth

Tuesday 02 April 2019 | Zoé Durand
| VoxEurop

According to a new report by the World Inequality Lab, inequality in Europe has declined slightly since 1980, but remains significant, particularly between the east and west of the continent.

Europe is going veg  in depth

Tuesday 12 March 2019 | Andreas Vou
| VoxEurop

If the EU is serious about the environment, it can no longer ignore the connection between animal farming and carbon emissions. No wonder a growing number of Europeans are turning vegetarians or even vegans.