How Bolivia and Rwanda leave the German Bundestag in the dust

Monday 06 November 2017 | Marcel Pauly Marie Segger Patrick Stotz | Spiegel Online

The new Bundestag is fairly average – at least as far as the proportion of women and young MPs is concerned. An international comparison shows that, elsewhere, things are done differently.

Social democrats are having a hard time

Wednesday 10 January 2018 | Marcel Pauly | Spiegel Online

All across Europe, social democratic parties are struggling to stay relevant. One of the oldest political ideologies is in crisis. An overview of the current situation.

How the Populist Right Is Redrawing the Map of Europe

Monday 11 December 2017 |

Which countries experienced the most dramatic rise in populist, right-wing political forces in recent elections across Europe?

Lessons learned from 2017 and expectations for 2018

Friday 29 December 2017 | Cas Mudde | VoxEurop

2017 was expected to see populist parties landsliding all over Europe, which did not happen. Will 2018 follow the same path? Most probably not, says expert Cas Mudde.

Turkey: The number of asylum requests has tripled over the last two years

Monday 18 December 2017 | Fazıla Mat | OBC Transeuropa

Following the attempted coup d'état, the number of asylum requests from Turkish citizens for countries in the EU, Germany in particular, continues to rise.

Crisis? What crisis?

Wednesday 04 October 2017 | Giorgio Comai | OBC Transeuropa

The concept of 'crisis' has been dominating the last decade, but this may no longer be the case

FT Germany’s election results in charts and maps

Thursday 28 September 2017 |

Following the stunning results of German federal election on September 24th, the Financial Times released a series of graphs highlighting key aspects in voters’ behaviour.