Turkey: The number of asylum requests has tripled over the last two years

Monday 18 December 2017 | Fazıla Mat | OBC Transeuropa

Following the attempted coup d'état, the number of asylum requests from Turkish citizens for countries in the EU, Germany in particular, continues to rise.

The Merkelisation of Europe

Friday 22 September 2017 | Markus Becker Caroline Wiemann | Spiegel Online

Angela Merkel is the most powerful head of government in the EU. How has Europe changed during her chancellorship?

Xenophobia in European cities

Tuesday 21 November 2017 | Lorenzo Ferrari | OBC Transeuropa

On average, xenophobia is not rising in European cities - according to Eurobarometer. But there are exceptions and noteworthy counter-trends, especially in Southern Europe

Go East: home is where joy is

Wednesday 25 October 2017 | Lidija Pisker | OBC Transeuropa

More and more professionals from the Western Balkans choose to seek a better life by going east – opting for countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland

Crisis? What crisis?

Wednesday 04 October 2017 | Giorgio Comai | OBC Transeuropa

The concept of 'crisis' has been dominating the last decade, but this may no longer be the case

Not only Erasmus. Where and why European students move abroad

Friday 13 October 2017 | Lorenzo Ferrari Marzia Bona | OBC Transeuropa

Many South-East European students enroll in foreign universities, but for most of them leaving the region remains only a dream

A multi-speed solidarity

Monday 11 September 2017 | Mens Yann | Alternatives Economiques

Two years ago the European Union signed agreements on the sharing of migrants to provide relief for Italy and Greece, but few results can be noticed