Unemployment is declining more in Croatia than in the EU

Thursday 05 July 2018 | Newsworthy

The unemployment rate was 8.9 percent in Croatia in May 2018, compared to 10.2 percent in November 2017, while in the same period unemployment in the European Union has decreased from 7.3 percent to 7.0 percent. 

Female unemployment is declining more in Belgium than in the EU

Wednesday 04 July 2018 | Newsworthy

The unemployment rate among women was 5.6 percent in Belgium in May, compared to 7.4 percent in May 2017, while in the same period female unemployment in the European Union has decreased from 8 to 7.3 percent.

Unemployment back to 2008 levels

Friday 25 August 2017 | Voxeurop

The unemployment rate in Europe has hit its lowest rate since December 2008 for the second month in a row

Confidence is back up to pre-crisis levels

Thursday 18 January 2018 | Voxeurop

Indicators of confidence become positive after years of pessimism.

Things are calming down

Tuesday 23 January 2018 | Voxeurop

In the second quarter of 2017, there was a slight drop in EU and eurozone government debt

The different European railway systems

Thursday 28 June 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

The European Railway Performance Index compares the performance of rail systems in European countries.

Spaniards are now wealthier than Italians – are they?

Saturday 05 May 2018 | Voxeurop

According to the latest data published by the International Monetary Fund, by 2017 Spaniards’ per capita wealth would be higher than the Italians’.

In OECD countries, a quarter of the salary goes to taxes 

Friday 18 May 2018 | Carmen Aguilar
| Voxeurop

A new report shows disparities between the 40.5 percent in Belgium and the 7 percent paid in Chile. The analysis also offers detailed information according to the type of family.

More than one in four young employed in Europe work on weekends  

Wednesday 30 May 2018 | Catherine André
| Voxeurop

Weekend work is daily business for 29 percent of Europeans aged 20 to 34.

How China Is Buying Its Way Into Europe

Monday 23 April 2018 | OBC Transeuropa

Based on data for mergers and acquisitions, investment and joint-venture deals, Bloomberg looks at China’s diffuse but expanding footprint in Europe in the last ten years.