European Parliament

A year of changing of the guards in the EU 

Thursday 02 May 2019 | Lisbeth Kirk
| EUobserver

The forthcoming European elections will set off a chain of events that in a few months could deeply change the European union's political landscape.

It’s the fragmentation, stupid! 

Tuesday 11 June 2019 | Cas Mudde
| VoxEurop

The next five years the European Union will be more fragmented than ever. This fragmentation is the key lesson of the 2019 European elections. However, contrary to the dominant narrative of the last decade or so, the old centrist blocs are not confronted with just a plethora of anti-system populist parties and groups.

EU closes in on target for gender parity in the European Parliament  in depth

Wednesday 10 July 2019 | Kashyap Raibagi
| VoxEurop

The European Union elected a record number of women MEPs in the latest European Parliament elections. However, men still hold almost 60 percent of seats.

European election data, displayed by Politico Europe

Thursday 28 March 2019 | OBC Transeuropa

A section of the news site is now entirely dedicated to the upcoming European elections, with in-depth information on individual countries, context and selected data, and useful information.

Romanian and Bulgarian MEPs among the most influential 

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | Lorenzo Ferrari
| OBC Transeuropa

MEPs representing Romania and Bulgaria have much more clout than those representing many other countries, including Italy and France. This is demonstrated by an indicator developed by VoteWatch Europe. 

The murky perks of an MEP 

Thursday 02 May 2019 | Nikolaj Nielsen
| EUobserver

MEPs' receive a gross salary of €8,757.70 per month, plus others reimbursements. But related perks are not transparent, as they don't have to show the receipts for their expenses. 

Social democrats are gaining some support in Hungary

Wednesday 06 March 2019 | Newsworthy

In Hungary social democrats are up by 0.6 points, in keeping with a slight rise of parties belonging to S&D across Europe.

© Andrey Novgorodtsev/Shutterstock

Leftists, eurosceptics, and christian democrats are losing support in Europe

Wednesday 13 March 2019 | Newsworthy

Polls from across the European Union show declining support for the parties belonging to GUE/NGL, EFDD, and EPP groups in the European Parliament in the past two months.

© Andrey Novgorodtsev/Shutterstock

Social democrats and the People's Party are gaining some support in Europe

Tuesday 02 April 2019 | Newsworthy

Polls from across the European Union show a slight decline in support for the parties belonging to ALDE, EFDD, and GUE/NGL groups in the European Parliament in the past two months.

European Conservatives and Reformists are losing support in Czechia

Wednesday 06 March 2019 | Newsworthy

The Czech party affiliated with the ECR is down by 1.1 points in two months, while almost all the other parties are gaining some popularity.