Hungary and Serbia, "partly free" countries 

Thursday 14 February 2019 | Ornaldo Gjergji
| OBC Transeuropa

The democratisation process in South East Europe is stagnating, or even going backwards. Serbia is now considered a “partly free” country, just like Hungary.

Has the European Citizens’ Initiative been a democratic fiasco? 

Thursday 05 December 2019 | Alexander Damiano Ricci
| VoxEurop

Eventually, European policy makers and MEPs greeted the start of the new European Commission’s term. The new president Ursula Von Der Leyen mentioned that the priority of the Commission team would be to revive Europe’s democracy. It might need to break with the past if it wants to do achieve this.

Ethnonationalism in party competition (EPAC)

Friday 13 September 2019 | OBC Transeuropa

The EPAC-Dataset covers hundreds of parties in European democracies to unravel the influence of ethnonationalism in party competition.

Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions

Tuesday 20 August 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

The European Union intervenes to prevent conflicts or to deal with emerging or real crises. 

Integrating pupils with a migrant background in schools in Europe

Tuesday 20 August 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

Students with a migrant background face a number of integration challenges. A situation that influences their learning.

World Economic Ranking

Wednesday 21 August 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

The World Bank classifies economies into four groups each year: low, middle, high and high income.

Who lobbies the EU institutions (LobbyFacts)

Thursday 24 October 2019 | OBC Transeuropa

LobbyFacts is a platform gathering the available data on lobbying at the EU level and on the organisations engaging in it, making it easy to use and filter the information. 

Financial instruments in the EU

Friday 10 May 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

European financial instruments take many forms.

The wave of unauthorized immigrants came and ended already three years ago 

Tuesday 03 December 2019 | Emanuela Barbiroglio
| VoxEurop

Unauthorized immigrants living in European countries reached a peak in 2016 and have been decreasing since then.

Climate change fractures the European Parliament

Wednesday 27 November 2019 | Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

While climate change may be drawing the attention of the public, MEPs’ twitter profiles seem to find relatively little room for it.