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Ranking European regions by Olympics medals 

Monday 09 August 2021 | Lorenzo Ferrari
Giorgio Comai
| OBC Transeuropa

What if the Olympic medal table was based on the number of medals won by regions, not by countries? Athletes born in Ile-de-France, Belgrade, Budapest and Guadeloupe were particularly successful at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

medals with a world map on the background

An interactive map of all Tokyo medalists' birth places 

Thursday 05 August 2021 | Giorgio Comai
| OBC Transeuropa

An interactive map showing the birth places of all the athletes that have won at least a medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, coming with some additional details and links to more information.

Suspicious sports results? Mafia might have fixed them 

Wednesday 18 November 2020 | Laszlo Arato
| EUrologus

Organised crime groups make an estimated €120 million of profit a year from betting-related match-fixing in sports events. Not only football matches are fixed, but tennis results are also manipulated more and more. And sports mafia are no longer only corrupting players, but clubs too. 

Will football go bust?  in depth

Friday 24 April 2020 | Vincent Grimault
| Alternatives Economiques

The interruption to football championships – local, national and European – caused by the coronavirus pandemic is plunging the sport into a crisis. For a sector with billions in annual turnover, tomorrow’s world is looking very different to yesterday’s.

Europeans are getting heavier 

Wednesday 18 December 2019 | BiQdata

Europeans are getting heavier. One in three 30-year-olds weighs more than they should, and a full half of 40-year-olds are overweight. Only 44 per cent of people do some form of exercise at least once a week.

Why France or Denmark will win the World Cup 

Thursday 14 June 2018 | Vincent Grimault
| Alternatives Economiques

The statistics speak for themselves: countries with higher taxation levels have a greater chance of winning in international football tournaments.

European football: ever richer…and more unequal  in depth

Wednesday 04 October 2017 | Vincent Grimault
| Alternatives Economiques

An increasingly large ball that ends up more and more often in the same goal. That’s the new face of European football

How the richest clubs are privatising football 

Tuesday 16 April 2019 | Vincent Grimault
| Alternatives Economiques

A big team losing a football match would not necessarily cause much of a fuss. However, the defeat of Real Madrid at the hands of Ajax in the knockout phase of the Champions League (Europe’s major tournament for top-division clubs) marks the beginning of a new era in the business of football.

European football (UEFA)

Monday 28 January 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

The UEFA publishes an annual "European Club Footballing Landscape", an overview of European clubs, their influence and financial health.

World cup: Nearly one-third of players in European teams are of migrant descent

Friday 29 June 2018 | Voxeurop

Facing rising hostility in Western Europe, migrants are massively overrepresented in the region's World Cup's teams, compared with the overall population.