Quality of citizens' life

Assisted reproductive technologies in Europe (ESHRE)

Friday 30 August 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

What is the current status with assisted reproductive technologies in the different European countries?

Crowdsourcing on food products

Thursday 11 July 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

Open Food Facts is a collaborative project that lists food products from around the world.

Medical devices (ICIJ)

Thursday 11 July 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

The Implant Files survey was conducted by more than 250 journalists in 36 countries in order to monitor medical devices that were insufficiently tested or not tested at all.

Public health in Europe (Who)

Sunday 14 July 2019 | OBC Transeuropa

The European Health Information Gateway is a portal that collects databases, reports and news on public health. Much of the data can be explored via graphs or exported. 

Measuring Cancer in Europe (Ecis)

Wednesday 19 June 2019 | OBC Transeuropa

The main statistical data on cancer diseases in the countries of the EU can be explored via a web app.

Pupils per teacher in Europe

Sunday 12 May 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

In Europe, are all countries in the same position in terms of education and more specifically in terms of the number of pupils per teacher?

European citizens want a Europe beyond Coal

Friday 29 March 2019 | OBC Transeuropa

“People across Europe overwhelmingly want the health, environmental, and employment benefits that come with switching from dirty coal, oil and gas to a universally accessible, affordable and renewably powered energy system and energy efficiency”.

Companies and human rights promotion (Vigeo Eiris)

Wednesday 27 February 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

"The rating reveals significant disparities between the subjects, principles and objectives on which companies choose to engage".

Public spending on health (WHO)

Wednesday 27 February 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

Countries are spending more on health, but too many costs are still borne by the patient.