Production and use of plastic (PlasticsEurope)

The use of plastic has been increasingly questioned because of environmental concerns, but hundreds of million tonnes of plastic continue to be produced every year.

Around the world, environmental and climate issues are becoming increasingly prominent in public debate. A growing mistrust of plastic can be witnessed in Europe, a material that is present in a wide range of products and appreciated by manufacturers for its low cost. But for some years now, its use has been questioned for environmental reasons. 

And yet, every year, we manufacture large quantities of plastic throughout the world (348 million tonnes in 2017). This is a reality that is examined by the PlasticsEurope association in its report called "Plastics - the Facts 2018. " This annual report highlights a number of sourced figures that provide a comprehensive view of the place of plastics in Europe and the world. The report includes data on recycling, the use of plastics and comparisons between countries.

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Thursday 05 December 2019
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