International Migration Outlook (OECD)

Migration flows continue to be a subject of debate around the world. Population movements come with very different causes, histories and origins. 

Every year, the OECD publishes a report called "International Migration Outlook. " The 2019 report concludes that "migration flows to OECD countries increased slightly in 2018, with about 5.3 million new permanent immigrants, a 2% increase over 2017. Family and labour migration increased, while the number of asylum applications fell sharply."

But this report gives us much more detailed statistics. It analyses the types of migration, the integration of migrants in their host countries, the contribution of this new labour force, etc. It also analyses the impact of this new labour force on the countries of origin and destination. In a final chapter, the report provides a country-by-country analysis, which allows us to discern the positions of each OECD country.

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Monday 09 December 2019
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