Women on the boards of directors (Eige)

The European Institute for Gender Equality (Eige) collects and harmonises data on managers and board members at the European level.

The collected data concerns 35 European countries (plus the EU average). It has been made available since 2000 is updated twice a year since 2012. It can be accessed on the website through interactive charts of various types (maps, bar graphs, trend charts) and can also be downloaded. The dataset also includes detailed and timely metadata.

The dataset is divided into two parts: on the one hand, managing directors (CEOs), directors and non-executive directors ; on the other hand, presidents, board members and workers' representatives.

The graphs can also be consulted through animated timelines, which highlight the growing number of women on the boards of publicly traded companies - in some cases (as in Italy) as a result of regulatory measures to promote the presence of women in positions of power and responsibility.

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Wednesday 12 June 2019


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