Developments of the economy

Green finance (IDFC)

Sunday 27 January 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

The annual "Green Finance Mapping" report examines the financing granted by every large development bank in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to adapt to climate change.

Economic and social convergence within the EU (Eurofound)

Saturday 26 January 2019 | Alternatives Economiques

In order to shed light on the issue of convergence within European countries, Eurofund published two reports in December 2018.

The different European railway systems

Thursday 28 June 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

The European Railway Performance Index compares the performance of rail systems in European countries.

Televisions and VOD

Tuesday 26 June 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

A database provides data on all television channels and on-demand audiovisual services in Europe.

Combat against tax evasion

Monday 09 April 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

The BEPS project ensures that governments acquire national and international instruments to combat tax evasion.

OECD Development cooperation report

Wednesday 25 April 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

The OECD Development Cooperation Report is published annually by the OECD Development Cooperation Directorate.

Survey on working conditions - Eurofound

Monday 07 May 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

Every five years since 1990, Eurofound has published a European survey on working conditions, which in recent years has paid particular attention to gender issues.

Survey of companies in Europe – Eurofound

Saturday 14 April 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

A survey of companies in Europe is published every four years by Eurofound, mapping business practices and enabling comparisons across Europe.

Patent applications (EPO)

Monday 09 April 2018 | Alternatives Economiques

Each year, the European Patent Office publishes a series of indicators on patent filings.

Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Friday 23 March 2018 | OBC Transeuropa

A rich and diverse set of data providing a broad perspective on changing living conditions in Europe and elsewhere