Big events and small maintainance activites: removing UK MEPs from the QuoteFinder

At a micro level, the exit of British MEPs impacted on one of the tools that we developed to keep track of the European debate. Since we have created it, #brexit has constantly been among the most popular hashtags used by MEPs.

Brexit has happened, and at EDJNet we found ourselves doing the type of small maintainance activities that come together with big political events. Perhaps the most symbolic was the taking down of the U.K. flag out of the European Parliament...

while pro-Brexit MEPs were celebrating.

Due to Brexit, a number of websites related to the European Union had to go through adjustments. For example, the website publishing EU tenders, still includes a notice on all of its internal pages:

The Publications Office of the EU is in the process of updating some of the content on this website in the light of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. If the site contains content that does not yet reflect the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, it is unintentional and will be addressed.

In the case of EDJNet, we have a tool that facilitates exploring tweets by members of the European Parliament, the Quote Finder. Following the changes in the composition of the European Parliament on February 1, 2020, we updated the tool to reflect that there are no more MEPs from the United Kingdom, and that others took their place .

So we went again through the procedure to get all MEPs and their Twitter handle from the official website of the European Parliament (technically inclined readers will find the relevant script following this link ), and update the Twitter list with all MEPs that feeds the Quote Finder.

In brief, you will find no more new tweets from British MEPs on the Quote Finder. This will most probably substantially decrease the number of English-language tweets and will have an impact on which hashtags are most popular.

#brexit has constantly been among the most popular hashtags used by MEPs since the Quote Finder was created a couple of years ago. Perhaps – do we dare to hope? – this will also change? Either way, there can be little doubt that EU Parliament will be busy discussing EU-UK relations for a long time.

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Tuesday 18 February 2020


Giorgio Comai


OBC Transeuropa
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