Simulating changes to summertime arrangements

Die Zeit has created an interactive tool to let readers evaluate the impact that the possible abolition of the bi-annual time changes may have. 

Die Zeit

Die Zeit

What this work is about

Last week the European Commission has opened a Public Consultation in order to gather citizens' and stakeholders' views on the possible abolition of the bi-annual changes from wintertime to summertime, and the other way round. If time changes were abolished, member states would be free to choose whether to adopt the current wintertime or summertime. The consultation closes on August 16.

Together with a short piece on this move, Die Zeit has published an interactive tool that gives readers the chance to simulate the impact of the different scenarios under discussion on the amount of daylight and the times of sunrise and sunset. Simulations can be run for every location in Germany (by ZIP code) and for every day of the year, and it is possible to compare two different places.

Why we like it

This is a good example of data journalism helping European citizens (and decision-makers) to take informed decisions, making it easier for them to simulate the impact of alternative policy scenarios on their own lives. ZIP codes make the simulation fine-grained, connecting the EU level of policy-making with readers' local realities.

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Wednesday 11 July 2018


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