Percentages can turn into music

The Berliner Morgenpost assigned musical notes to different poll results: a fun but effective way to present electoral data

What this work is about

The interactive chart shows the poll results of the German social-democratic party (SPD) from the height of its success in 1998 to its crisis in 2018. What makes the chart special is that a different musical note is assigned to each polling level, so that the unfolding of the party’s trajectory turns into a song.

Why we liked it

Elections are one of the oldest fields for data journalism, where plenty of visualization techniques have already been explored. This way of visualizing poll results is simple, effective, and entertaining – and it comes with short informative texts. As a result, readers can have an overview of the trajectory of a party (and journalists can play with a fresh way to present electoral data). 

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Thursday 01 March 2018


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