No Place for Foreigners

If you have a foreign name and you are looking for an apartment, you will significantly less likely to be contacted by landlords than a German applicant.

What this work is about

Is there a coincidence in males of foreign origin being discriminated when it comes to look for renting a flat in Germany, or is there a systematic disadvantage behind it? The data journalists from BR Data and SPIEGEL ONLINE wanted to know and sent out 20,000 apartment inquiries in 10 major German cities over several weeks with fictitious German and non-German profiles. They have received around 8,000 answers to their inquiries – and their evaluation proves that people with foreign names “are clearly discriminated on the rental market.”

Why we like it

This work is a brilliant way to show with empiric data at hand that no matter what the law or politicians say about access to housing as an essential mean for integration, ethnicity is still a major discrimination factor. This investigation was among the 8 shortlisted projects in the Innovation in data journalism category at the Data Journalism awards.

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Monday 16 April 2018


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