Civil liberties and “bad apples”: who is questioning European values within the EP?

A tracker based on data from the Poll of Polls project casts a new light on the clash between pro-EU and illiberal forces within the European Parliament.

What this work is about

The Civil Liberties Union for Europe (Liberties), a Berlin-based NGO promoting civil liberties across the European Union, created a tracker that shows the share of current MEPs which is considered “anti-values”, that is, which holds political views conflicting with the provisions of Article 2 of the Treaty of the European Union.

All the more important, the tracker provides insights into the possible configuration of the European Parliament after the next European elections. The data underlying the tracker are those of the Poll of Polls website. Liberties plans to update the tracker on an ongoing basis as polls evolve over time.

Why we like it

The tracker digs into the often much-generalised issue of “illiberal politics” and provides clear evidence of how “anti-values” positions are shared by MEPs across the political spectrum. For instance, it might come a bit as a surprise that, among the mainstream political forces in the European Parliament, the group featuring the highest number of “anti-values” MEPs is the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). Also, the fine-grained analysis shows how the game of political alliances could unfold within the next European Parliament, giving some substance to the mainstream media narrative which depicts the next EU elections as the ultimate clash between pro-European and illiberal forces. The study features a set of coherent infographics depicting the EP hemicycle.

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Tuesday 05 March 2019


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