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People in Italy are the most wrong on facts about their society

Tuesday 02 October 2018 | Voxeurop

How wrong are people about key social realities in their country? An Ipsos study has some answers.

Most Western Europeans favor at least some restrictions on Muslim women’s religious clothing

Monday 17 September 2018 | Voxeurop

Most non-Muslim adults in Western Europe favor at least some restrictions on the religious clothing of Muslim women who live in their country

Global plastic pollution

Tuesday 11 September 2018 | Voxeurop

An impressive data collection on how plastic production and waste has rocket-soared in the last 40 years, by Our World in Data.

Regional population structures at a glance

Tuesday 04 September 2018 | Voxeurop

How is the European population structured according to its age for each subregion? A bunch of demographic scientists drew a map of Europe’s regional populations using an innovative approach of ternary colour coding.

"The truth I want to hear": an analysis of partisan and alternative information sites in Europe

Wednesday 18 July 2018 | Voxeurop

British journalist Nic Newman analyzed a study conducted as part of the Reuters Institute's Digital News Report 2018 on information sites in Europe that have or support a political agenda and an explicit ideological position.

Die Zeit

Simulating changes to summertime arrangements

Wednesday 11 July 2018 | OBC Transeuropa

Die Zeit has created an interactive tool to let readers evaluate the impact that the possible abolition of the bi-annual time changes may have. 

Why hatred of Jews is on the rise in Western Europe

Monday 09 July 2018 | Voxeurop

Attacks on Jews, notably in France and in Germany, have risen in the latest years.

Europe's most dangerous city for cyclists

Wednesday 04 July 2018 | Voxeurop

Nicolas Kayser-Bril has collected data on fatalties and casualties in several Euroepan cities to determine in wich ones cyclists are more likely to get hurt.

World cup: Nearly one-third of players in European teams are of migrant descent

Friday 29 June 2018 | Voxeurop

Facing rising hostility in Western Europe, migrants are massively overrepresented in the region's World Cup's teams, compared with the overall population.

How the List tallies Europe’s migrant bodycount

Thursday 21 June 2018 | Voxeurop

Compiled by United for Intercultural Action, the List tallies all the refugees and migrants who have died trying to reach Europe.