Whenever member states do not comply with EU law, they risk incurring in a fine – but the cost of infringements is not only an economic one, as they often impact on citizens’ quality of life (most of the procedures concern the environment and mobility).

InfringEye is a tool developed by Openpolis for EDJNet, aiming at making it easier for journalists, stakeholders and citizens to track EU infringement procedures against member states, and to filter them by country, status and topic of interest. InfringEye helps to put data into context, in order to find stories worth telling based on it.

The tool offers: 1) a complete database of past and ongoing EU infringement procedures; 2) datasets highlighting key aspects related to the infringements; 3) ready-made freely available visualizations; 4) a thorough report providing a comprehensive picture. The data is based on what is published by the European Commission .

The complete database of current and past Eu infractions

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Key datasets on EU infringement procedures

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Articles based on InfringEye

InfringEye is a data-driven tool developed by EDJNet, making it easier for journalists and citizens to understand the EU's infringement mechanisms, and to monitor past and ongoing procedures. Here are some of the main findings.

InfringEye’s dataviz

Maps and charts highlighting some key aspects related to the EU infringement procedures. They can all be freely downloaded, embedded and reused.

Most recurrent policy area of ongoing cases

Actions for failure to fulfil obligations  

Completed cases, outcome of judgments for failure of a Member State to fulfill its obligations

New cases – Failure of a Member state to fulfil obligations

New cases – Failure of a Member State to fulfil obligations

Directives and late transposition infringement cases

New infringement cases opened during the year

Complaints, EU Pilot and infringement cases closed in a year

Pending cases at the end of 2018

Policy area of pending cases

Variation in pending cases

Trend in new infringement procedures

Trend in new infringement procedures

Complaints towards Eu Member states

Variation in resolution rate

Resolution rate of Eu Member states

Eu Pilot files (2014-2018)  

Complaints leading to investigations

Trend in complaints about potential breaches of Eu law