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Europe is spending billions to fight immigration: to what end?
Covid-19 vaccine access for undocumented migrants: a missed opportunity for European public health
Prisons contained the pandemic at the expense of human rights
Big Tobacco lobbies battle for smoke-free products taxation
EU banks are funding an illegal palm oil bonanza in the “Wild East”
Homeschooling: most parents and caregivers unhappy with distance learning
Saving culture from the pandemic
A cultural pandemic: How Covid-19 hit Europe’s creative sector
Why the Emissions Trading Scheme is not working, and how to fix it
How the Energy Charter Treaty might hamper emissions reductions
Climate change cost Europeans €446 billions over the last 40 years
Women more likely than men to live below the poverty line and experience social exclusion
Covid-19 puts younger generations’ job security and mental wellbeing more at risk
Covid vaccines: The patent taboo in Europe
Covid Vaccines: the cost of delays
Gender gap in politics: a multi-speed Europe
The lobbyists behind EU response to migration
COVID-19 vaccines: here's who is producing them in Europe, and where
The pandemic is bringing back “traditional” gender roles
Biometric IDs and health passports: Safety at the expense of personal freedom
Covid-19 vaccine contracts: EU has hands tied, experts say
The uncountable: How Covid-19 affected migrants and refugees’ health
Migrants amidst COVID-19: heroes, just for one day
How "big tech" influence electoral processes and why transparency is essential
Road traffic pollution costs billions in lost wellbeing in European cities
Big Tech’s aggressive EU lobbying has caused a power shift
Unhealthy environment makes unhealthy Europeans
Europe’s mechanical engineering industry is set to bounce back next year
Cyprus: At the centre of the arm-wrestling between Greece and Turkey
COVID-19 has served as the pretext for widespread surveillance
Beach erosion puts European seaside holidays at risk
Much progress to be made on gender equality and climate action
Beyond COVID-19, a permanent state of crisis?
The price of coastal flood mitigation in Europe
European journalists face growing dangers
COVID-19 crisis. Luca Jahier, President of the EESC: «The EU has to go the last mile, now»
The “irresponsible” reliance of European Big pharma on China
The long road to accessibility
Climate crisis makes beaches disappear
A+Ω: data analysis made easy
Climate change is happening now in Europe
What is the end state in Mali and why is no-one asking?
Is there any red in the European Green Deal?
Getting tough on gender-violence
Cancer remains a burden on EU societies
The carbon footprint of European ships
UK 2019 elections: the importance of being earnestly tactical
Élections de 2019 au Royaume-Uni : l'importance d’être sérieusement tactique
Wahlen im Vereinigten Königreich 2019: Taktische Wahl könnte den Brexit verhindern
Elezioni nel Regno Unito 2019: l'importanza del voto tattico
Has the European Citizens’ Initiative been a democratic fiasco?
The wave of unauthorized immigrants came and ended already three years ago
Understanding the rise of Spain’s far-right
Comprendre la montée de l'extrême droite espagnole
Den Aufstieg der spanischen Rechtsextremen verstehen
Comprendere l'ascesa dell'estrema destra spagnola
About electoral systems
À propos des systèmes électoraux
Über die Wahlsysteme
A proposito dei sistemi elettorali
Visegrad 4 and the rule of law: Why always me?
Italy says no to the largest protected area in the Mediterranean
From wealth to well-being: the SEDA 2019 report
De la richesse au bien-être : le rapport SEDA 2019
Von Reichtum zu Wohlbefinden: der SEDA Bericht 2019
Dalla ricchezza al benessere: il rapporto SEDA 2019
Why young Poles voted for “national-liberals”
30 years on, the divide between Eastern and Western Germany is still relevant
30 ans plus tard, le fossé entre l'Allemagne de l'Est et l'Allemagne de l'Ouest est toujours d'actualité
30 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall ist die Kluft zwischen Ost- und Westdeutschland noch immer relevant
30 anni dopo il divario tra la Germania orientale e occidentale persiste
Pollution is still killing too many despite cleaner air
The risks posed by 5-G driven smart cities
Is Chinese A.I. Bluffing its Way into Europe?
Housing costs in Europe: time to turn the tide
Generation Z: the 45 best cities to settle in Europe
Is the EU failing Tunisia?
The Von der Leyen cabinet in figures
What drives innovation across Europe?
Ending overfishing in northern Europe: a fishy game
Most European bathing waters meet the highest standards but are still in danger
How much travel freedom do EU passports provide?
What do workers want?
It takes some time to become a government
Il faut un certain temps pour former un gouvernement
Es braucht Zeit, eine Regierung zu bilden
Quanto ci vuole per fare un governo?
Younger generations’ well-being at a glance
The EU and Italy ban fishing in the most important protected habitats, but not without delay
EU closes in on target for gender parity in the European Parliament
The French pesticides buyers club
Le club français des acheteurs de pesticides
Wer in Frankreich am meisten Pestizide kauft
Il club francese degli acquirenti di pesticidi
Battle for Greece
Family-friendly policies in the EU: an overview
Cities slow to respond to challenges posed by climate change
Macron’s rule comes without Parliamentary debates
La règle de Macron n'est pas soumise aux débats parlementaires
Wie Macrons Regierung parlamentarische Debatten umgeht
Macron e gli scarsi dibattiti parlamentari del Governo francese
Is a new EU defence on its way?
Where does Europe stand on LGBTI rights?
Ecologists ask for less trawling and restricted areas to stop fish massacre
Flagging “unexpected economic growth” across Europe
Une "croissance économique inattendue" qui s'annonce dans toute l'Europe
Studie über "unerwartetes Wirtschaftswachstums" in Europa
Le regioni e la "crescita economica inattesa" in Europa
It’s the fragmentation, stupid!
Facebook has become political parties’ main advertiser
Can a graph explain the downfall of the German SPD?
Chinese money is Europe’s next big challenge
A majority of Europeans would rather remain in the EU
In parliaments across Europe women face alarming levels of sexism, harassment and violence
“The largest trade deal in the world” could mean even bigger business
Well d(r)one Europe: The hidden path leading to the European Defence Fund
How much will Arctic meltdown cost us? The answer is up in space
How the EU can improve its role in Sahel
Young people in Europe support more integration and political participation
Socio-economic inequalities across Germany
European reporters more and more obstructed in their work
Go Green or bust, EU voters say
Europe might fall short of its poverty eradication target for 2020
I am a (non-) believer
UK and Germany lead EU’s think tank ranking
The EU’s risky move on (un)sustainable fisheries
Defining Europe’s political battlefield ahead of the 2019 EU elections
Europe set to achieve its education target for 2020
The EU in the eyes of its citizens: lost in a twilight zone?
Europe needs to focus on tax harmonisation to curb inequality
Fewer antibiotics in European livestock farming
To be rich or poor, this is the “turnout”
Antisemitism in Austria
Hard Brexit could cost citizens billions euro annually
WeEuropeans: a look into the policy-priorities of European citizens
From low trust in institutions to the rise of ‘critical citizenship’?
EU set to meet its climate change targets
The evolution of populism
Europe is going veg
Eastern partnership countries face little progress, backsliding in reforms
EU falling short of reaching its research & development target
Civil liberties and “bad apples”: who is questioning European values within the EP?
The Council of Europe points at rising attacks against the media
The EU might well achieve its employment rate target for 2020
How are young Europeans housed?
MEPs on Twitter: glimpses of a transnational European debate
Mapping wilderness
Yellow Vests: where, when and how violence occurred
The antibiotic resistance crisis deepens
Negative attitude towards Muslims inversely proportional to actual presence
Unpacking the Corruption Perception Index: A focus on the EU
Flagging efforts in Europe
Transparency International’s 2018 Corruption Perception Index
Exiting Brexit
Juncker Plan: the state of the art
Two data-driven stories that explain the provisional Spanish budget law 2019
Is Barcelona drowning under a tourism flood?
EU smart cities join the data boom
‘We want to help cities to become interoperable’
Traffic pollution costs €60 billion per year in healthcare
People behind bars in Europe
Will MEPs vote to ensure the Mediterranean sustainable natural resources?
EU commits itself to 37.5 percent cut in car emissions by 2030
2008 crisis is still affecting social programs
The European electorate as seen through the lenses of nostalgia
Mental illness costs Europe 600 billion euro
Gas in Cyprus: blessing or curse?
Migrating to reproduce
France, European champion of taxation
Europe has a shortage of doctors
Hydrogen cars may be the future – they are not yet the present
Electric fishing puts to the test a democratic and Green Europe
Criminal offenses decreasing in Germany
Better data can prevent violence against women
Media: Younger Europeans are turning away from TV and print (but not from newspaper websites)
A dashboard that forecasts the next European Parliament
Shedding some light on baffling bills
Life expectancy after retirement: a very unbalanced Europe
Europe’s asylum system under great pressure
Revealed: Link between MEPs CO2 votes and domestic car jobs
How much is the UK-EU trade worth?
Air pollution kills more than 500,000 Europeans each year
Asylum seekers in Europe: the "preferred" destination is Germany
Using Twitter to track immigrant migration
Thumbs down for Italy’s budget. What’s the situation like in other parts of Europe?
Dentons’ interactive tool to track the implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive
Europe is getting wealthier – and more inequal
Russia and China find EU inroad via Cyprus
Europe continues to sell more and more pesticides
EU’s Effort Sharing Decision Initiative on its way to reduce carbon emissions by 15 percent by 2020
Immigration concerns fall in Western Europe; integration is most needed
EU sets new – though insufficient – limits for cars’ greenhouse gas emissions
The end of the Swiss tax haven?
People in Italy are the most wrong on facts about their society
The Publisher’s Patron: How Google is funding European Media
Without EU quotas, sugar sector struggles with low prices
Data show no direct correlation between number of refugees and populist vote
Europe is getting warmer, and it’s not looking like it’s going to cool down anytime soon
Most Western Europeans favor at least some restrictions on Muslim women’s religious clothing
Global plastic pollution
What brings Romanians to the streets
Regional population structures at a glance
Greece exits bailout, but no quick recovery ahead
Romania, the only EU country consuming less earthly resources than the world’s average
"The truth I want to hear": an analysis of partisan and alternative information sites in Europe
Europe’s water quality falls short
How are EU countries faring about renewable sources?
Why hatred of Jews is on the rise in Western Europe
European cinema regains ground
Europe's most dangerous city for cyclists
World cup: Nearly one-third of players in European teams are of migrant descent
Migration crisis is one of mismanagement – The figures
Palermo and Naples, the most difficult places to find a job according to their citizens
Nationalists’ hostility over religious minorities on the rise in Europe
How the List tallies Europe’s migrant bodycount
Attitudes on nationalism, immigration and religious minorities are closely connected
Diesel engines emissions exceed by far European limits
Lung cancer deaths on the rise in two thirds of European countries
Ireland and Switzerland, the European “globalisation champions”
Mapping coal plants
One in four Spaniards and Poles has a temporary job
The green challenge for European cities
More than one in four young employed in Europe work on weekends
EU budget: Where are the biggest cuts and increases?
Migrants in the labour market: region of origin is a key factor
Brexit causes flight of European health workers from the NHS
Even where abortion is legal, access is not granted
Are European data watchdogs prepared for GDPR?
Air quality and mobility: Greenpeace ranks European cities
Almost a third of the films programmed on European tv are made in the EU
In OECD countries, a quarter of the salary goes to taxes
Carbon emissions in the EU on the rise
Mediterranean towns ready for EU-sponsored free wifi
Central and Eastern European countries increase applications for patents
When it comes to news media, populist views make more difference than political side
Next EU budget favors security and research over agriculture
Lack of trust is key obstacle to EU reform
Where are the densest square kilometer in every EU country?
Who would win the Eurovision song contest if Google was to decide?
Spaniards are now wealthier than Italians – are they?
Spaniards more optimistic than the French in their perception of the EU
Member states not committing enough to fight biodiversity loss
Animosity towards journalists is growing in Europe too
Young Europeans are prepared to relocate to find a job
The corrupt, the most pardoned
How transports might jeopardize decarbonation in Europe
Mapping the distance from urban centres
The ICT sector is booming. But are women missing out?
Pedal power wins over European cities
No Place for Foreigners
Facebook's increasing PR job in Brussels
Human trafficking in Europe monitored by GRETA
The top 100 European places where Dieselgate kills the most
Dutch mainstream media and politicians pander populists
The most comprehensive overview of the gender pay gap in the UK
How Brexit will impact study exchanges
Data Stories, a podcast on Data and Visualisation
Arms trade: a flourishing business for EU countries
Arms trade (SIPRI)
The new hub for the ddj community
Women still work more and enjoy less free time
Eastern Europe is fast filling huge gap in minimum wages
Western Europeans more seduced than their Eastern neighbours by Volkswagen diesel “fix”
How cohesive is Europe?
How is the Europeans' quality of life?
Germany dominates EU trade
Digiwhist: fighting corruption with open data on public procurement
Inflation is (finally) back
Things are moving along steadily, except for Denmark
Industry is growing, except for Denmark
Europeans support intra-EU mobility
EU gives a week to countries to come up with clean air plans
Czech Republic leads Europe when it comes to job offers
Things are calming down
The gender gap is not narrowing
Confidence is back up to pre-crisis levels
Four years of token sales around the world in one graph
Stagnations and wide discrepancies
Lessons learned from 2017 and expectations for 2018
Public integrity loses momentum
Economy recovery is increasing social justice
EU Datathon 2017 rewarded transparency and innovation
Europe's biggest emitters
Europe is not so safe for journalists
Europe still digitally divided
Thousands of deaths due to diesel cars
Counting the words that count
Unemployment back to 2008 levels