OBC Transeuropa

Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa is a think tank focused on South-East Europe, Turkey and the Caucasus which was launched in the year 2000. Over time, OBC Transeuropa expanded its scope and now reports on the socio-political and cultural developments of six EU member states, of seven countries taking part in the EU Enlargement process, and much of post-communist Europe, which is included in the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).

The most popular figures in the street names of European capitals
The gender gap in Europe’s street names is here to stay
EU: cohesion and depopulation
Serbia, algorithmic discrimination rehearsals
Crossing borders with data journalism
Balkans: slow Internet and unspent cohesion funds
South East Europe: investments in innovation are not enough
Power imbalances and freedom of consent in migration management
How many Ukrainian refugees are there in the European Union – and where?
Mobile operators and personal data in Europe
How phone companies use our personal data
A conversation on surveillance in journalism
Covid-19 and prisons: painful closures and encouraging innovations
The inequalities of the program that should unite Europe
Multi-speed Erasmus: economic inequalities and higher education opportunities
Romania: 25,000 deaths from pollution per year
Useful data on assisted reproduction in Europe
Integration of migrants in European rural areas also means development
More trains, fewer emissions
Sustainability labels and the carbon footprint of foods
Gigabits for some, but not for others
Europe’s internet speeds are faster than ever, but not for everyone
Western Balkans: the pandemic penalises the youngest
The pandemic and young people in the Balkans
Ranking European regions by Olympics medals
An interactive map of all Tokyo medalists' birth places
Mapping Diversity: the gender gap in Italian toponyms
Half of the European funds spent to fight climate change went into ineffective measures
With the FCAS, European integration takes steps forward
Publishers’ reliance on Google and Facebook is a problem for media independence
Covid-19: the plastic pandemic
Four ways of looking at European cross-border rail links
More and more trains crossing European borders
Biden, the EU and arms exports
Where do we stand on the road to a European Gigabit Society?
The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) portal
Food alerts in Europe: from Polish chickens to Indian sesame seeds
A Grand Tour of global warming in south-east Europe
The migrant pay gap is widening
Google and Facebook dominate behavioural advertising, even with the cookie crumbling
Mine tailing dams: the giants we ignore at our peril
CO2: the EU disincentives are not working
European banks are still major backers of the fossil fuel industry
How energy is produced in the EU (and how much greenhouse gas it produces)
Banking on climate change by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Vaccines and Covid-19: the Western Balkans feel excluded
Emissions in Europe: how much CO2 does energy cost us?
An interactive map on climate warming in Europe
School dropouts: Croatia among the lowest rates, far ahead of the EU and Italy
Bulgaria, chronicle of a lockdown foretold
Habitats, species, ecosystems: the state of nature in south-east Europe
Online ads know you well
Bucharest still has an AIDS problem
The Global Wind Atlas
Can the green transition help in solving fiscal and monetary divergencies in the EU?
The EU norms that don’t make it to South-East Europe
Why the European People’s Party struggles to distance itself from Orbán
An ever smaller, ever older population
Focus: How is the pandemic changing our daily habits?
Nije riječ samo o aplikacijama: privatnost i osobni podaci na zapadnom Balkanu za vrijeme koronavirusa
Not just apps: privacy, personal data and COVID-19 in the western Balkans
Non solo app: la privacy e i dati personali nei Balcani occidentali durante il coronavirus
Climate warming in Europe, municipality by municipality
Focus: coronavirus and fundamental rights
More and more school trips to the Balkans
Focus: COVID-19
COVID-19: dealing with gaps in the data
The countries where coronavirus is putting hospitals most under pressure
Big events and small maintainance activites: removing UK MEPs from the QuoteFinder
The energy transition yet to come
Refugee camps in Greece
European bees
How the Greek policy on migration is changing
The problem with refugee camps in Greece
Railways in Greece: poor service, no competition
Italy: doing politics with politicians’ money
The migrant emergency and Ventimiglia
The Global Coal Exit List
Equality bodies (Equinet)
The new Greek migration policy
UERRA regional reanalysis for Europe on single levels (ECMWF)
The Migration Data Portal
Le portail de données sur la migration
Das Datenportal zur Migration
Un portale di dati sulla migrazione
Atlas of Economic Complexity
Atlas de la complexité économique
Atlas der wirtschaftlichen Komplexität
Atlante della complessità economica
The Gridded Population of the World
Population maillée du monde
Rasterdaten zur Bevölkerungsverteilung
The Gridded Population of the World
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Office des Nations Unies contre la drogue et le crime (ONUDC)
Büro der Vereinten Nationen für Drogen- und Verbrechensbekämpfung (UNODC)
Ufficio delle Nazioni Unite contro la droga e il crimine (UNODC)
The Environmental Data Explorer
L'explorateur de données environnementales
Der Umweltdaten-Explorer
L'Environmental Data Explorer
The Geofabrik’s OpenStreetMap Data Extracts
OpenStreetMap Data Extracts de la Geofabrik
Die OpenStreetMap Data Extracts der Geofabrik
L’OpenStreetMap di Geofabrik
The Standardized World Income Inequality Database (SWIID)
La base de données de référence sur les inégalités de revenu dans le monde (SWIID)
Die standardisierte Datenbank für Ungleichheiten im Welteinkommen (SWIID)
La banca dati sulle disuguaglianze del reddito mondiale (SWIID)
The Von der Leyen Commission: between hope and scepticism
Il successo di Von der Leyen tra speranza e scetticismo
Equality, you know what I mean?
Equality bodies in Europe
Deutsche Bahn Open Data Portal
Le Portail de données Deutsche Bahn Open Data Portal
Das offene Datenportal der Deutschen Bahn
Portale Open Data della Deutsche Bahn
EPP Congress in Zagreb
OECD Health Care Quality Indicators
Open Power System Data
Open Power System Data
Daten zum offenen Stromnetze
Open Power System Data
The von der Leyen Commission: climate change and international governance
Climate change fractures the European Parliament
Le changement climatique divise le Parlement européen
Der Klimawandel spaltet das Europäische Parlament
Il cambiamento climatico spacca il Parlamento europeo
Romania’s presidential elections: the diaspora at the ballot box
2019: escape from the Balkans
EU Clinical Trials Register
The European Climate Assessment & Dataset (ECA&D)
A look at the Parliamentary hearings
Il punto sulle audizioni al Parlamento
Deconet Public Transport Network Data Repository
Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL)
NASA Climate Data Services
MEPs aren’t talking about European issues
I parlamentari europei non stanno parlando di affari europei
Europe Elects
Parliaments and governments database (ParlGov)
Surveillance Atlas of Infectious Diseases (SAID)
Dark patterns: born to mislead
Dark pattern: nati per disorientare
European Public Accountability Mechanisms (EuroPAM)
Centre-right parties gain ground across the EU
I partiti che salgono o scendono di più in Europa
The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED)
Forests of Europe: a stormy future?
Brexit? What Brexit?
Brexit? Quale Brexit?
Broadband services in Europe
Protected Planet
Accessibility to cities
Who lobbies the EU institutions (LobbyFacts)
The neverending saga of Albania, North Macedonia, and EU accession talks
Croatia: those who leave
Ethnonationalism in party competition (EPAC)
International House Price Database
MiNDbank (WHO)
Global Forest Watch (GFW)
The Global Burden of Disease (IMHE)
Mental Health Data (WHO)
Droughts in Europe (Copernicus)
European Core Health Indicators (European Commission)
The most innovative square kilometers in Europe
Les kilomètres carrés les plus innovants d'Europe
Die innovativsten Quadratkilometer Europas
Qual è il chilometro quadrato più innovativo d’Europa?
Transparency and accountability of public administrations in Europe (EuroPAM)
Country Maps with Administrative Areas (GADM)
Love it or hate it. Parties with a clear stance on the EU gain ground in polls across Europe
The International Disaster Database
Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC)
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
EU: doors closed to the Balkans
Public health in Europe (Who)
Can data journalism bring about new ways of reporting on European affairs?
Waiting for the new European Parliament
Measuring Cancer in Europe (Ecis)
Global climate protection map
How much did the European institutions and parties pay for ads on Facebook?
Political advertising on Facebook in South-East Europe
Women on the boards of directors (Eige)
The European elections seen by Twitter
Counting the preferences
European far-right rally in Milan
Romania goes to the polls
Bulgaria goes to the polls
Slovenia goes to the polls
Croatia goes to the polls
Cyprus goes to the polls
Greece goes to the polls
Centrists and progressives at the European Parliament
The European election campaign, in words and hashtags
Elezioni, le parole (e gli hashtag) per dirlo
What’s going on with abstention in Europe?
Romanian and Bulgarian MEPs among the most influential
A Europe of economic regions
Sovereignists: much ado about nothing?
Sovranisti, tanto rumore per nulla?
Measles, journalism and herd immunity
The Balkans (and Europe) are choking on coal pollution
European citizens want a Europe beyond Coal
European election data, displayed by Politico Europe
How gender balanced will the next European Parliament be?
Free trade as a scapesheep
Copyright reform, protests in view of the final vote
Réforme du droit d'auteur : protestations avant le vote du texte
Reform des EU-Urheberrechts, Proteste vor der Abstimmung
Riforma del copyright, le proteste in vista del voto finale
EUfactcheck, bringing more facts to the European debate
Cold housing and polluted cities? Something is changing in the Balkans
The EU expat vote in the European elections
Populist parties across Europe (The PopuList)
Democracy and elections worldwide (International IDEA)
Hungary and Serbia, "partly free" countries
Arms in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe (SEESAC)
Public enterprises will have to open up their data
L'ouverture des données s'appliquera aussi aux entreprises publiques
Auch Unternehmen der öffentlichen Hand müssen ihre Daten veröffentlichen
Anche le aziende partecipate dovranno aprire i loro dati
The Europeans left out of the European elections
An ever less fertile Europe
Bears return to the Alps
There’s an urgent need for foreign labour in Croatia
The EU has signed a free trade agreement with Japan
L'Union européenne a signé un accord de libre-échange avec le Japon
Die EU hat ein Freihandelsabkommen mit Japan geschlossen
L’Ue ha firmato un accordo di libero scambio con il Giappone
Kosovo, dreaming of a life abroad
A timeline for 2019
EDJNet’s collaborative investigation into global warming in Europe
L'enquête collaborative de l'EDJNet sur le réchauffement climatique en Europe
Untersuchung von EDJNet zur globalen Erwärmung in Europa
L'inchiesta collaborativa EDJNet sul riscaldamento climatico in Europa
International Social Survey Program
European Social Survey
EU calls for the release of Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov
L'UE demande la libération du réalisateur ukrainien Oleg Sentsov
Die EU fordert die Befreiung des ukrainischen Regisseurs Oleh Senzow
Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
What’s holding back the fight against gender-based violence?
Comparative Candidate Survey
A door to the European open data portals
Brexit in tweets by MEPs
Le Brexit dans les tweets des députés européens
Der Brexit in den Tweets der Europa-Abgeordneten
La Brexit nei tweet degli europarlamentari
“Reverse 112”, a new public alarm system for the EU
Le « 112 inversé », un nouveau système d'alerte publique
EU: die „umgekehrte 112“, ein neues Notrufsystem
Ue: istituito il “112 inverso”, un nuovo sistema di allarme pubblico
EDJNet's collaborative investigation on climate change in Europe - an infographic
Parenting in Europe: who’s staying at home with the kids?
Rivers of the Balkans: the siege
Sweatshops on wheels
Eastern Europe: poverty and the countryside
Europe is getting warmer, and it’s not looking like it’s going to cool down anytime soon
A busy day at the European Parliament: SOTEU, copyright, and Hungary
The numbers behind Juncker’s words
When Europeans seek asylum
How widespread is anti-Roma prejudice?
Forest fires in Europe
Simulating changes to summertime arrangements
Croatia five years after joining the EU
190 million Europeans have never been abroad
Mapping Italian news in the lead-up of 2018 general election
Copyright reform: the forthcoming EU directive we'll all be worrying about in a few years time
Quelle réforme pour le droit d’auteur ?
Urheberrechtsreform: Die bevorstehende EU-Richtlinie, um die wir uns alle in einigen Jahren Sorgen machen werden
Riforma del copyright: la direttiva Ue di cui dovremmo preoccuparci
State of bathing waters in Europe
MEPs have more to say about future of social media than Facebook CEO
Les eurodéputés plus loquaces sur les réseaux sociaux que le PDG de Facebook
Europaabgeordnete haben mehr über die Zukunft von Sozialen Medien zu sagen als Facebook-Vorstandsvorsitzender
Facebook: più di Zuckerberg, sono gli eurodeputati a esprimersi sul futuro dei social media
Gender imbalance in media is still too high
A Balkan Dam Boom Imperils Europe’s Wildest Rivers
LGBT rights in the Balkans: what is still missing
The numbers of the Eu enlargement
Why are there relatively fewer suicides in prison in the Balkans than elsewhere in Europe?
MEPs’ takes on the #EUbudget
Les députés européens s’impliquent dans le budget UE
EU-Abgeordnete zum #EUbudget
Il bilancio Ue allo scrutinio degli europarlamentari
Human Rights Data and Dataviz
How China Is Buying Its Way Into Europe
The ICT sector is booming. But are women missing out?
Who else is watching Romanian films?
Europeans at the cinema
The EU Integrity Watch
Europe and microcredit
Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals
Carcinogenic water in the Danube region
The four Italies
International Trade in Natural Resources and Sustainability
Cinema admissions in Europe (LUMIERE)
Turkey: the map of violence against women
Council of Europe Annual Penal Statistics (SPACE)
Germany’s streetscapes
Percentages can turn into music
The risk of poverty in Romania and Bulgaria is falling
Registry of Research Data Repositories
EU enlargement: a new strategy, with hands by the brakes
Europeans at the cinema, from East to West
Tweeting above their weight
Meet the European Parliament's twittersphere
The Balkans barely exist for Italian TV news
Turkey: The number of asylum requests has tripled over the last two years
How the Populist Right Is Redrawing the Map of Europe
Cultural and creative cities (European Commission)
Drug situation (EMCDDA)
Offshore companies (ICIJ)
Femicide in Europe is a widespread issue
Xenophobia in European cities
Danube water management (DanubeGIS)
Tourist accommodation (Inside AirBnB)
The European Data Journalism Network – Europe explained through data
Go East: home is where joy is
Structural investment funds (European Commission)
Structural investment funds (Open Knowledge)
Not only Erasmus. Where and why European students move abroad
Crisis? What crisis?
FT Germany’s election results in charts and maps
What happens to our holiday garbage?
Counting the words that count
Public opinion in the Balkans (Balkan Barometer)
The Balkans as a tourism destination
The cost of commuting