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Keynesian, critical of neoliberalism and sympathetic to anti-globalisation causes, Alter éco was founded in 1980 in response Margaret Thatcher's slogan "There is no alternative". Formed on cooperative principles, the monthly focuses on economic and social news and is not backed by any media group, surviving mainly on sales revenues.

Carbon emissions: straight back to bad habits?
Europe: who has the crisis hit hardest?
Will football go bust?
Eurobonds can wait, for the time being
Coronavirus: 5 decisions the EU should make right now
Coal is undermining Europe
Europe is dangerously hooked on air travel
Is there a glut of credit in Europe?
Electric mobility (IEA)
Internet users (World Bank)
Greenhouse gas emissions (ICOS)
Inequality in France and in Europe
Questionable international tax practices (OECD)
OECD and FAO Agricultural Outlook
International trade (UNCTAD)
Food insecurity in the world
Land artificialization in Europe: where will it end?
World Economic Outlook Database (IMF)
Socio-economic consequences of climate change (World Bank)
Is the EU carbon market serving its purpose?
The state of the world's climate (WMO)
Will organic food feed the Europeans?
International Migration Outlook (OECD)
Suicides around the world (WHO)
Production and use of plastic (PlasticsEurope)
Healthy life years (Eurostat)
Global vaccination coverage (WHO)
Are the rich getting richer in Europe?
Education at a Glance 2019 (OECD)
The EU carbon market, serving its purpose at last?
Europe is being paved over
The Irish Sea, a new frontier
The mirage of cheaper labor
Are migrants trying to get to Europe en masse?
SUVs: climate folly
How does assisted reproductive technology work in Europe?
Public investment dries up in Portugal
Should Europe ban large ships?
Beware the no-deal!
Inequality according to Thomas Piketty, in 10 graphs
Health in prisons (WHO)
Marine protected areas (Protected Planet)
Assisted reproductive technologies in Europe (ESHRE)
Organic farming is on the march in Europe
European electric cars pick up speed
Can Europe avoid the coming crisis?
World Economic Ranking
Consolidated list of persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions
Integrating pupils with a migrant background in schools in Europe
Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015
Budgets for judicial systems
Estimates of agricultural support
Killed on the roads
Electricity tariffs: why the bill is so high
EU greenhouse gases: every man for himself
Cross-border mobility (Global Mobilities Project)
Medical devices (ICIJ)
The Erasmus+ annual report
Crowdsourcing on food products
Global sea level from 1993 to today
Changes in glacier elevation and mass since 1850
Global wealth and income inequality
Share of energy from renewable sources
Animal production in Europe (Eurostat)
Italy: the game begins
Where are the biggest banks?
Europeans retire before the legal age
Landscapes are increasingly manmade
R&D: Europe’s knowledge economy in trouble
Europe, both populating and depopulating
Who is in debt in Europe?
Poverty: the great European divide
“Green" infrastructure in Europe
Employment by sex and age (Eurostat)
Visualizing global trade flows
Pupils per teacher in Europe
Population of European urban areas over the past 50 years
Water stress in Europe (EEA)
The role of women in the energy transition
Extreme weather conditions (Carbon Brief)
Financial instruments in the EU
Regional projects supported by the EU
Agriculture: an ever less common policy
International trade: ever larger, but contested, agreements
Industrial policy: back to reality
Institutions: Heads of state still setting the agenda
Energy and climate change: receding perspectives
Immigration: Every man for himself, and borders for all
Defence: Marching forward, but on what orders?
Social Europe: finally some progress
Taxation: a total failure
The eurozone: inadequate remedies
Europe begins screening foreign direct investments
How the richest clubs are privatising football
How Europe has failed to converge living standards
Offshore wind turbines: Britain and Germany lead the way
Senior management: a male world
The minimum wage, a bulwark against poverty
Environmental Justice Atlas
Liberalization of public services in Europe (GUE/NGL)
Adult education (OECD)
Carbon impact of electricity production (Tomorrow)
Energy precarity in Europe (OpenExp)
Europe's climate and energy objectives (EEA)
Atlas of the Common Agricultural Policy
Asset owners and global warming (AODP)
Companies and human rights promotion (Vigeo Eiris)
Public spending on health (WHO)
Europe challenged by energy poverty
Camille Peugny on the polarisation of employment
Top 100 of the largest banks
Report on shadow banking
Global Wage Report
World Cartel Report
Country risk assessment map by Coface
UN social protection of children
Report on green bonds
European Energy Atlas
Competition: fewer fines for cartels
The polarisation of jobs is a question of policy
Cash still has a future
European vehicle market (ICCT)
Progress in European integration (OFCE)
European football (UEFA)
Platform workers (European Commission)
Green finance (IDFC)
Social expenditure (OECD)
Economic and social convergence within the EU (Eurofound)
Environmental impact of companies (Mana-Vox)
Integration of immigrants (OECD)
Why integration is stalling
Airbnb, Europe’s number one host
Precarious employment on the rise in Europe
Fighting poverty, an increasingly uphill battle in Europe
Europe: the winners and losers in the fight against tax evasion
Public debt: Europe is not that scary
Europe: 14 banks at risk
French nuclear power: a European problem
Electric buses: Europe struggles to take off
Why France is burning up on fuel price
Europe is getting warmer, and it’s not looking like it’s going to cool down anytime soon
Why Portugal isn’t doing as well as you might think
Ten graphs to understand the Greek crisis
Plastic recycling: uneven progress in Europe
European Values Survey
The different European railway systems
The “migrant crisis”: sorting the true from the false
Televisions and VOD
News and digital
The Europeans’ language skills
Why France or Denmark will win the World Cup
Europe drifts from its goals
Why Italy is fed up with Europe
Disparities in pre-primary school funding
Survey on working conditions - Eurofound
Annual survey of the European Observatory on Homelessness
How Airbnb lobbies the EU
Quality of Life in Europe Survey - Eurofound
OECD Development cooperation report
Survey of companies in Europe – Eurofound
The European Perinatal Health Report - EuroPeristat
Birds - collateral victims of intensive agriculture
Mapping media literacy practices and activities in the EU
Combat against tax evasion
Patent applications (EPO)
Asylum Seekers in Europe (EASO)
Public employees: comparisons between European countries are deceptive
Non-employment: an additional indicator for the labour market
Gender gap in the ICT sector
Growing inequalities in European pension schemes
Energy consumption: Europe is going backwards
Safety and health at work (ESENER)
Housing in the EU (Housing Europe)
Quality of the air (EEA)
Pension schemes (OECD)
Renewable energy in the EU (EurObserv’ER)
Housing market (OECD)
Housing exclusion (Abbé Pierre-FEANTSA)
Innovation and R&D (European Commission)
Gender equality (EIGE)
Macroeconomics (European Commission)
In an increasingly unequal world, Europe resists
All over Europe, housing has become all too expensive
In Europe, too, equality starts at the kindergarten
Too many young people are NEETs
European football: ever richer…and more unequal
A multi-speed solidarity